Natures Organics

Melbourne based Natures Organics Pty Ltd is one of the largest Australian manufacturers with over 60 years of proud history of providing Australian and international customers with environmentally friendly personal care and household cleaning products. The plant based formulas of Natures Organics products are gentle to people and environment while providing same effectiveness as conventional products.

Natures Organics products do not contain animal ingredients and no animal testing is involved in the development and production of the products.

MZECO International Pty Ltd is the exclusive distributor of Natures Organics' whole range of products in mainland China. The products include

Haircare ProductsLaundry Products
Skincare ProductsDishwashing Products
Babycare ProductsHandwash Products
Bath & Shower ProductsHousehold Cleaning Products

across multiple brands, including Fruits, Organic Care, Purity, Earth Choice, Austrlian Pure and Blast. Detailed information can be found on the manufacturer's official websites:, MZECO International Pty Ltd is actively marketing Natures Organics in China. The products can be purchased in China online ( and at high-end supermarkets in a number of cities. Please contact our Chinese partner company Qingdao MZECO International Trading Co Ltd ( if you wish to distribute or purchase Natures Organics products in China.


Natures Organics# Natures Organics
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